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ABOUT the TV Show
About Us…Total Sunshines' History

“Total Sunshine” was initially conceptualized by a young EMT-Paramedic in Washington, DC -who was moved to make a difference in the lives of the people she served, towards happiness. She regularly witnessed and experienced the pain, tragedies, injustices and sadness in the streets and homes of our Nations' Capital.  This insight galvanized her into action for positive change, thus "Total Sunshine" was created.

Idealistically, “Total Sunshine” represents happiness, goodwill, tolerance, peace, balance, laughter, love, unity, harmony, understanding, loyalty, compassion, or any positively perceived event or behavior that will promote a smile in our presently "too unhappy" global community.

The present 3 components of “Total Sunshine” are:

the non-profit corporation-Total Sunshine, Incorporated

the television show- “Total Sunshine!”

host- Miss "Total Sunshine"

The television show was created first, and has been broadcast in Washington, DC on DCTV on a weekly basis since January 2001.  Miss "Total Sunshine" intended for the show to embody a “total package of entertainment,” thus “promoting smiles” for viewers.  On January 15, 2003, the progressively increased charitable functions of the “Total Sunshine!” television show prompted her to become the founder of the non-profit corporation, titled same, in order to more completely serve the public in “smile promoting fashion.”

In this quest for “promoting smiles" to the public through broadcasting messages of goodwill and tolerance, performing charitable deeds, and embodying a myriad of tactics, Miss "Total Sunshine" has recruited a dynamic Board of Directors for the corporation, and a "Total Sunshine Team" of highly motivated individuals.  Activities of the non-profit corporation are broadcast regularly within the television show for maximum outreach possibilities, of course.  The "Total Sunshine Team" is fully dedicated to broadcasting our messages of goodwill and providing charitable assistance wherever and whenever possible.

"We shall Promote Smiles in ANY Community!" - Miss TS

          TOTAL SUNSHINE, INC ©2003